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EVENT: Using Web services to integrate .NET with Java

This Webcast will look at what is involved with taking an existing Java application and consuming it in a .NET Windows Forms application.

Date: APRIL 18
Time: 11:00am, EDT



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Five lucky attendees of this event will be randomly selected to receive a free copy of Lonnie's new book, "Building Web Services and .NET Applications." Page down for book details.

DESCRIPTION While it is possible to integrate Windows applications with Java using interfaces like COM/CORBA bridges or TCP Sockets, the end points of these interfaces tend to be proprietary and difficult to use. With Web services, however, it is possible to provide public interfaces that are built on open standards such as HTTP, SOAP and WSDL. In addition, the new Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment makes it very easy to build and consume Web services. With this in mind we'll look at what is involved with taking an existing Java application and consuming it in a .NET Windows Forms application.

We'll start the Webcast with a quick overview of a Java application that we plan to interface with and the tasks required to make it a Web service. This is an actual application used to handle timecard entries over the Internet that is in production today. Next we'll discuss the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) and describe how to create one for the Java Web service we create. Once the WSDL file is created we'll discuss how to add a Web reference to the new Web service in Visual Studio .NET and then use that Web service in an application. While building the application we also discuss other key concepts in .NET such as using the NetworkCredential object for authentication and binding DataSets to Grid Controls.

Key topics discussed in this Webcast are:

  • Adding Web services to a Java application
  • Creating WSDL files
  • Consuming Web services with .NET
  • Using .NET Security components

Lonnie Wall, (Ellicott City, MD) is a Principal Architect for RDA with more than 16 years of software development experience. His primary area of expertise is designing and implementing large distributed applications using XML on various platforms. Qualifications include Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer. Recently, Lonnie has been responsible for the design and implementation of several large Web-based business applications, which included a large .NET solution.

Lonnie is the co-author of "Building Web Services and .NET Applications."

BOOK INFO: Building Web Services and .NET Applications
Written by real-world developers with hands-on experience, Building Web Services and .NET Applications provides detailed information on the use of XML and XML-related technologies, which is the foundation of .NET. This comprehensive guide to building and deploying distributed applications and Web services for Microsoft's .NET platform offers a step-by step analysis for the design and development of these applications while providing industry examples to illustrate the power of .NET technologies and tools.

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