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Articles by Roy Hoobler

Articles by Roy Hoobler

About Roy Hoobler
Roy has been involved with Internet programming from 1995 and developing Web businesses and "niche" market sites since 1996. In 1997, he completed his MCSD certification and worked for a large consulting firm primarily focusing on Intranet and Extranet applications for fortune 1000 companies. In early 1998, seeing the potential of how business would be conducted on the Internet, Roy joined Net@Work Inc. ( where he designs (and still codes) business and cutting-edge e-commerce applications using a wide range of technologies, including XML.

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An asynchronous message queuing example with .NET
Wondering how Visual Basic .NET handles sending and receiving messages compared to VB6? This article shows how to create a queue, send a test message, and automatically receive messages. (July 25, 2002)

Thinking big with Microsoft Message Queue, VPN and XML
For small and medium projects "thinking big" can actually save money and get the project done faster. (July 1, 2002)

Product Review: Macromedia JRun 4.0
SearchWebServices frequent contributer Roy Hoobler reviews JRun 4.0 and finds it quite changed from the 3.0 version. If you're a Java shop that wants to start working with Web services, this article is for you...(June 3, 2002)

Designing a VB.NET client for Web services
Creating Web services with Visual Studio.NET is a great way to get systems communicating with each other; either internally over the network or externally over the Internet. However, building a scalable OOP client is just as important. This article discusses building an ASP.NET application that retrieves event information from a Web service. (May 1, 2002)

Creating a VB.NET Web service
Roy Hoobler's latest article shows how to implement a Web service server and client and some of the object oriented issues in designing a VB.NET application. (April 8, 2002)

Product Review: Apache Axis
The drag-and-drop approach of publishing Web services is a great idea, better (at least easier) than Microsoft's .NET. I am impressed with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET but it is a much bigger system. The implementation of Axis is far better than previous versions making the idea of using Axis for development and production environments more likely. (Feb. 20, 2002)

Rushing to the .NET
Just returning from a MS Developer Days event, it looks like a lot of MS Shops are going to be switching to Visual Studio.NET. In the audience of a more than a thousand developers, most have already begun playing around with the new languages and features of the .NET Framework. Surprisingly, most had not yet tried to develop a Web Service.(Dec. 11, 2001)

E-commerce and XML
IT departments and developers underestimate how XML fits into solutions for e-business and e-commerce Web sites and Internet applications. E-commerce is no longer a mystery for anyone, and retailers have been bombarded for years by sales agents' "now is the time to get online" mantra. (Feb. 21, 2001)

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