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Webcast: Understanding the Web services architecture

This Live Expert Q&A Webcast will provide an overview of what Web services are and what the architectural components of a services-oriented architecture are.

Simon Yates
Director, Web services and application servers at Hurwitz Group.
Yates covers technologies, standards, and tools in the Web services arena — an emerging software architecture that allows IT executives to link internal and external systems using open standards and deploy services that make users and other software systems more efficient and productive.

Topic: Understanding the Web services architecture

Date: July 18, 2002
Time: 10:00am, ET

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Simon Yates shall be answering questions from the audience after his presentation. So join us and pose your own question to this expert.

Who should attend? C-Level executives will benefit from an overview of Web services technology, while business IT managers and developers will understand how to use Web services to drive down costs and expand the business reach of the firm.

Why attend? With all the hype and media attention being paid to Web services, senior executives need to know what Web services technology is all about and the impact that it will have on the organization from both a business and an IT perspective. We will address the critical questions: What's the business case for Web services? To what extent are firms using Web services today? How will the adoption of Web services evolve over time?

First, we will provide an overview of what Web services are and what the architectural components of a services-oriented architecture are. We will describe this architecture in the context of connecting "people-to-people", "people to information" and "system-to-system", focusing specifically on how to leverage existing IT investments in a Web services world. Within each of these contexts, we will look at both the business and IT value cases.

Next, we will talk about the current state of adoption based on our surveys of more than 500 companies. We will analyze the trends by vertical industry and by position within individual firms. Looking forward, we will then analyze where we think those trends are leading and what some of the barriers to adoption may be.

Finally, we will provide C-Level executives and departmental IT managers with a framework for thinking about Wweb services and how the technologies can be adopted and applied to drive business productivity and efficiency.

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