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Quick Takes: Basex report lauds Web services ROI

Quick Takes are back! Highlights from our latest product and service update include info on a new Web services white paper from Basex, an updated offering from Corda that lets developers create charts and graphs to be used with Web services, and O'Reilly's new book on locating XML data.

Basex report lauds Web services ROI

Basex Inc., a New York-based analyst firm, has released "Web Services: Not Just for the Fortune 100," the first in a series of Web services reports. According to Basex, a company of any size can employ Web services today to deliver new business applications quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

The new findings come after more than a year of research on the major platform players, examinations of real-world deployments, and evaluations of Web services-based business solutions -- and the resulting ROI -- at a broad spectrum of companies.

The report also delivers new information on Web services as standards-based middleware, as the means to easily developing the interconnectivity needed to communicate externally with partners and customers, and as a way to connect with legacy systems. Web services, according to the report, drive down the technology barriers formerly standing in the way of business strategists and their ability to implement business solutions.

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Corda adds .NET nuggets to PopChart

Corda Technologies Inc., a Lindon, Utah-based developer of Web-centric charting and graphing software, has announced the addition of a .NET embedder and a .NET component to its PopChart graphical design tool, which facilitates the creation of charts and graphs for the .NET environment.

The new .NET features in PopChart enhance a developer's ability to create charts and graphs to be used with Web services. Using PopChart's .NET embedder, developers can create and send charts and graphs to the Web with a few lines of code. Corda also provides a Web service that allows developers to test their .NET output on the Corda Web site, so developers can ensure the charts and graphs that they create look and perform as expected before they put them into a production environment. The .NET component can be easily installed into Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET tool set and allows developers to extend the functionality of the .NET embedder.

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O'Reilly releases book on locating XML data

Sebastopol, Calif.-based publisher O'Reilly & Associates has released a new book that helps developers learn the ropes when it comes to referring to specific information inside an XML document. Entitled "Xpath and Xpointer" and written by John Simpson, the book helps developers learn how to differentiate the information they are looking for inside an XML document from the rest of the data that surrounds it.

Xpath and Xpointer are two closely related languages that play a key role in XML processing by allowing developers to manipulate embedded information. XPath is used for locating XML content within an XML document, and XPointer is the standard for addressing such content once it is located. The book, which is available through O'Reilly for $25.95, offers practical knowledge on the two languages that underpin XML, XSLT, and Xlink.

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NeoCore serves up XMS 2.6 self-constructing XML database

NeoCore Inc. has announced the pending release of its NeoCore XML Information Management System (XMS) version 2.6. The product is a self-constructing native XML database that reduces the cost of and time to market for business applications.

New features in version 2.6 include optimized stand-alone server architecture, support of XQuery and the option for a Solaris 64-bit platform. The XMS also leverages XML and other technologies to meet the demands of businesses with rapidly changing business environments and the need to support varied or heterogeneous data sets. NeoCore is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Calif.

NeoCore XMS 2.6, which will be available on Aug. 30, is priced at $20,000 per CPU for the standard, 32-bit version. The Professional Edition, for 64-bit platforms, is $30,000 per CPU.

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Murach offers new book on VB.NET

Technology publishing house Mike Murach & Associates Inc. has released a new introductory book for developers called "Murach's Beginning Visual Basic .NET." The 692-page text helps programmers learn VB.NET skills.

The book is written to be helpful for not only those who are new to Visual Basic development, but also to those who are upgrading to VB.NET from VB6. It includes lessons on developing sophisticated GUIs, using the .NET classes, working with XML, developing database applications with ADO.NET, and developing Web applications with ASP.NET. To help ensure success, the book includes 18 complete business applications so programmers can see how the forms, controls, and code of Visual Basic applications work together.

"Murach's Beginning Visual Basic .NET" is available via the publisher's Web site. Also available are free evaluation downloads of the first three chapters and several test applications.

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Crystal Decisions releases Crystal Reports 9

Crystal Decisions has announced the general availability of Crystal Reports 9. Designed for use in all three major development environments, Java, .NET and COM, Crystal Reports 9 allows developers to integrate report creation into enterprise Web applications and enables users to access, interact with and modify report data.

Crystal Reports provides technology for transforming data from nearly any data source, including XML, OLAP, enterprise and relational data sources, into interactive content. New features in Crystal Reports 9 include report creation for wireless devices and portals, Java support and greater integration with enterprise Web applications.

Crystal Reports 9 is in four editions to meet different reporting requirements of developers, IT professionals and business users: Standard, Professional, Developer, and Advanced. The Developer Edition has a suggested retail price (SRP) of $595, the Professional Edition has a SRP of $495, the Standard Edition has a SRP of $195 and the Advanced Edition has a SRP of $1995. All versions are available through resellers or through Crystal Decisions.

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IBM updates Web services developer tools

IBM has released updates on its alphaWorks Web site to the IBM Business Process Execution Language for Web Services Java Runtime (BPWS4J) and its Web Services Toolkit (WSTK) for dynamic e-business, version 3.2.

BPWS4J provides an execution engine and an editor for the recently announced Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS). BPEL4WS is a language that allows companies to describe business processes that include multiple Web services and standardize message exchange. BPWS4J provides a platform upon which BPEL4WS-defined business processes can execute, a set of samples that demonstrate the use of BPEL4WS, as well as a tool that performs validation of BPEL4WS documents. The updated WSTK includes sample demos of BPEL4WS, as well as of the Web Services Transaction (WS-TX), and Web Services Coordination (WS-C) specifications.

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