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Mainstream telecom use of Web services two years away

Mainstream use of Web services in the telecommunications industry is two to three years away, according to new research from the Yankee Group.

Some communications service providers (CSPs) are among the successful early adopters of Web services technology, but mainstream use of Web services in that industry is two to three years away, according to research from the Yankee Group.

In a new research report, the Boston-based analyst firm looked at how four communications companies are using Web services to integrate their Business and Open System Services (BOSS) infrastructure.

"The report illustrates how some early CSP adopters of Web services are strategically using this technology for initiatives that increase customer value and decrease operating expenses," said Sharon Ballard, a telecom analyst at Yankee. "However, we do not expect mainstream CSP adoption of Web services technologies for at least another two to three years, nor do we expect CSPs to use Web services to solve all their BOSS integration problems."

Yankee said that it discovered two major trends from its interviews with the four telecommunications companies:

  • Large wireline CSPs will make the most significant overall dollar investments in Web services technology for internal integration initiatives -- including customer-facing initiatives that integrate front-office Open System Services (OSS) applications with back-office (often legacy) systems.
  • Wireless operators already have started investing in Web services to integrate their BOSS with external partners in their expanding wireless ecosystem.

Yankee Group Global BOSS forecast

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