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Four Web services packs created for Microsoft's MOM

Four management software companies on Wednesday announced that they have developed Web services add-ons for Microsoft Operations Manager, Redmond's server administration platform.

Four management software companies on Wednesday announced that they have developed Web services add-ons for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2000.

The management packs for Microsoft's server administration software were unveiled at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles by Computer Associates International Inc., AmberPoint Inc., Actional Corp. and Service Integrity Inc.

Also at the conference, Microsoft said that it has created a Web services-based MOM Connector Framework so that its customers can integrate MOM with third-party management software platforms. The framework is designed to allow bidirectional alert forwarding and synchronization.

The first Web services connectors for MOM tie in systems management products from Aprisma Management Technologies, Computer Associates International Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM's Tivoli unit, Maranti Networks Inc., MetiLinx Inc., Micromuse Inc., NetIQ Corp., SMARTS (System Management ARTS) Inc. and Skywire Software.

The management packs announced Wednesday are designed to boost MOM's ability to monitor and manage applications and systems by providing operational knowledge for specific Web services-based applications, data sources and information systems.

Computer Associates

Islandia, N.Y.-based Computer Associates said that its Unicenter Web Services Management Pack for MOM will give administrators visibility into the health and status of enterprise Web services and allow them to track and manage business processes across .NET environments.

The pack is part of a Web services management product line that will include Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM), a soon-to-be-released module for the software maker's Unicenter systems management platform.

"By delivering integration between Unicenter WSDM and MOM, we are enabling IT managers to optimize performance and minimize costs by taking control of the .NET Web services they deploy," Dmitri Tcherevik, CA's director of Web services, said in a prepared statement.

Unicenter WSDM is scheduled for general release in the fourth quarter of this year. The Unicenter Web Services Management Pack for MOM is scheduled to ship in the following quarter.


Oakland, Calif.-based AmberPoint said that its management pack can relay Web service application events such as performance degradations, service-level violations or availability errors to MOM. It can also assist MOM in determining the root causes of problems and then initiate corrective actions, such as clearing disk space, reallocating database connections and rebooting a server.

AmberPoint also said that, if MOM detects that a machine running a Web service has failed, it can automatically execute a command that reconfigures the appropriate AmberPoint agent to route all future requests to a machine running an alternate end point.

"By integrating closely with Microsoft Operations Manager, we can provide our customers with a single, global view of their distributed IT environments," said John Hubinger, AmberPoint's chief executive.


Mountain View, Calif.-based Actional said that it has tailored its Web services management products to support Microsoft's Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) and MOM.

The new support includes the development of an Actional Web Services Management Pack, its Looking Glass MOM Connector and Actional Controls for Visual Studio .NET.

Actional said that these products focus on monitoring and participating in the flow of messages between systems, rather than on the systems themselves, which it said is the focus of MOM.

Actional also said that its Service Stabilizer technology, which is accessible from the MOM console or through Visual Studio .NET controls, will aid in the self-healing of service networks, which is part of Microsoft's Dynamic Systems Initiative.

Actional said that its Web Services Management Pack and the Looking Glass MOM Connector will be available in the fourth quarter. Actional Controls for Visual Studio .NET will be available early in the first quarter of 2004, the company said.

Service Integrity

Newton, Mass.-based Service Integrity said that it will use its Sift product to create a management pack plug-in for MOM.

The company said Sift provides visibility and analysis of XML Web services-based business and operations data flows, without requiring any new code or reconfiguration by users. Sift lets users monitor and analyze data at a fine-grained level in both .NET and J2EE environments, Service Integrity said.

The management pack announced Wednesday builds on previous integration work Service Integrity has done with Microsoft for MOM and .NET Web services, said Jothy Rosenberg, who is both chief executive and chief technology officer of the startup company.


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