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Web services expert predictions 2004 -- Jeff Hanson, Java/J2EE

Web services experts offer their predictions for 2004.

Once again, our knowledgeable Web services experts are offering their predictions for the coming year. How accurate were last year's predictions? Check them out here. Then, see what they've predicted for the world of Web services in 2004 below.

Look into your own crystal ball and tell us what you see for the Web services world in 2004. Post your predictions in our Sound Off feature.

Kerry Champion, Middleware
Ben Watson, Standards
Daniel Foody, Web services deployments
Eric Marks, author, Executive's Guide to Web Services
Sean McGrath, XML
Mark Baker, REST
Doron Sherman, Web services orchestration
Roman Stanek, Future of Web services
Jeff Hanson, Java/J2EE


Jeff Hanson
Jeff Hanson
Jeff Hanson has more than 18 years of experience in the software industry, including working as senior engineer for the Windows OpenDoc port and lead architect for the Route 66 framework at Novell. He is currently Chief Architect for eReinsure, which specializes in providing frameworks and platforms for J2EE-based reinsurance systems. Jeff has also authored numerous articles and books including, ".NET versus J2EE Web Services: A Comparison of Approaches" and "Connecting JMX Clients and Servers: Understanding the Java Management Extensions."
Ask Jeff a question about Java/J2EE.

Jeff's 2004 predictions

  • SOA will continue to be a major focus for framework architects

  • Security issues will keep Web service consumption confined to trusted relationships

  • Financial application vendors and enterprise integration vendors will blaze new trails, primarily using document-centric exchanges

  • Adoption of service-oriented applications will lead to a widespread focus on asynchronous interactions and MQ vendors will thrive

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