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Web services expert predictions 2004 -- Doron Sherman, Web services orchestration

Web services experts offer their predictions for 2004.

Once again, our knowledgeable Web services experts are offering their predictions for the coming year. How accurate were last year's predictions? Check them out here. Then, see what they've predicted for the world of Web services in 2004 below.

Look into your own crystal ball and tell us what you see for the Web services world in 2004. Post your predictions in our Sound Off feature.

Kerry Champion, Middleware
Ben Watson, Standards
Daniel Foody, Web services deployments
Eric Marks, author, Executive's Guide to Web Services
Sean McGrath, XML
Mark Baker, REST
Doron Sherman, Web services orchestration
Roman Stanek, Future of Web services
Jeff Hanson, Java/J2EE


Doron Sherman
Doron Sherman
Doron Sherman has taken R&D roles in the software industry for the past 16 years, innovating in the areas of digital imaging and enterprise software. Doron has been involved with Java since its early days and demonstrated its use for creating a new category of enterprise software, the Web application server. Doron co-founded and was the Chief Scientist of NetDynamics, Inc., which was later acquired by Sun Microsystems. Today, his vision for using Web services as the core foundation for delivering process-centric applications and enterprise integration solutions is driving Collaxa's pioneering work in Web services orchestration software.
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Doron's 2004 predictions

  • Increased popularity of the BPEL standard (OASIS) and its establishment as the standard of choice for carrying out implementations of BPM and Workflow applications.

  • Announcements of new releases of existing products claiming support for BPEL to address customers' interest in utilizing the standard.

  • Customer case studies of deployed applications based on the BPEL standard become available.

Of special notice:
  • Sun's JBI (Java Business Integration, aka JSR 208) garners increased momentum as a blueprint for architecting enterprise integration solutions, in particular for business process management and workflow automation.

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