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Reactivity XML firewall goes wire-speed

Reactivity Inc. announced that its new XML firewall contains a performance jump from Tarari's acceleration technology.

Reactivity Inc. announced a new XML security product today that integrates Web services security into the processor. The company announced it would soon be integrated into its next XML Firewall security appliance.

The new software includes content processor and XML acceleration technology from Reactivity's partnership with Tarari, Inc. the Tarari technology supports optimized parallel searches and extreme algorithmic acceleration, giving the XML firewall the ability to do wire speed analysis of XML Web services messages.

The Reactivity XML Firewall acts as an XML proxy that performs authentication, authorization, auditing, XML validation and routing to secure bi-directional message flow. By decoupling security from application development, the Reactivity XML Firewall eliminates the time-consuming and costly process of custom security programming and infrastructure integration and security policy maintenance for each XML Web service application.

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