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Intalio BPMS to certify livestock health

The Dutch Animal Health Service announced it has purchased an Intalio n|3 business process management system to help monitor the health of livestock in Holland.

Intalio Inc., a business process management systems vendor, announced that the Dutch Animal Health Service has purchased Intalio's flagship n|3 to run its health certification system for farm animals.

Dutch Animal Health Service said the BPMS from Intalio will quicken the implementation of certification programs, as well as the reaction time to animal disease outbreaks. It said Intalio|n3 would expedite the processing of foreign health data.

Intalio n|3 is an enterprise-class, standards-based, platform-neutral BPMS. It supports the design, deployment, execution, maintenance, and optimization of business processes that involve distributed transactions with packaged applications, databases, and heritage systems, Intalio said.

The Dutch Animal Health Service system, called COS-B, will bundle existing technology systems, centralizing their monitoring and management. These systems track the process for issuing and earning a health certificate for livestock. The system also messages livestock farmers, veterinarians and lab technicians with information like reminders during the process and the delivery of results.

"We will use a central software application to bundle our certification programs for all animal species into one system, thus making them work together," said Prof. Dr. A. Pijpers, director of the Dutch Animal Health Service in a statement. "With a central system, we will be able to work more efficiently and intervene faster when an animal disease breaks out, even when several species are involved. This will include the processing of foreign data."

The Dutch Animal Health Service issues health certificates to 100,000 affiliated livestock farmers and the Dutch government.

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