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Forum Systems gateway DoD PKI certified

Web services security vendor Forum Systems earns federal certification for its Federal Information Assurance Gateway.

Forum Systems Inc. announced today that its Federal Information Assurance Gateway (FIA) has been certified by the Department of Defense.

Based in Waltham, Mass., Forum Systems sells Web services security software to government agencies and e-businesses.

The FIA Gateway earned DoD PKI certification after passing compliance testing as defined by the Joint Interoperability Test Command. The gateway passed all of DoD's PKI security and interoperability tests, and can be deployed at government agencies for information sharing and collaboration.

Forum Systems FIA Gateway is an integrated security solution, deployed as an appliance or software, that defends against threat, and provides data assurance and secure, data exchanges.

Within the government, it secures data as it moves between agencies as a Web service and other exchange points like e-mail, file transfers, mobile applications and EDI.

DoD PKI Certification assures that the appliance met the requirements of the "Department of Defense Class 3 Public Key Infrastructure Public Key-Enabled Application Requirements," version 1.0 with regard to retrieving certificates, importing keys and certificates, storing trust points, verifying communication protocols, checking certificate status, path development and processing, application configuration and application documentation.

It also contains a FIPS 140-2 Level III validated hardware security module that provides all the sensitive cryptographic operations and hardware key storage for both SSL operations as well as WS-Security operations.

Other capabilities include: digital signatures, public-key infrastructure enablement, Federal Enterprise Architecture and a transaction archive.

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