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Survey: IT directors want a new way to manage apps

Guess what IT directors desire most to reduce the complexity of their IT infrastructures. A recent Collation, Inc. survey tells all.

Many IT managers said the increased number and complexity of IT components is the No. 1 challenge in managing applications, according to a survey released today by Palo Alto, Calif.-based application management vendor Collation, Inc.

Collation said it surveyed IT directors at 35 large enterprises and found that most are inundated with so many hardware and software components that they're looking for a new approach to managing it all.

Collation's survey results revealed that many are struggling to understand the relationships between applications. Ninety percent of those surveyed said understanding their run-time infrastructures and dependencies of component-based applications are critical to managing applications.

Also, many IT managers have incomplete, inconsistent views of their infrastructure, making it near impossible to track application changes, Collation reports. The survey found that 75% of those interviewed would like to better understand the hierarchy of applications on a server.

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