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New OASIS TCs tackle stateful resources

Another day, another pair of technical committees for OASIS. These two will address the relationship between stateful resources and Web services.

Standards body OASIS announced yesterday the formation of a two new technical committees that will concentrate on an open framework for modeling and accessing stateful resources using Web services.

The goal of the new Web Services Notification Technical Committee is to standardize the way Web services interact using the Notification pattern. With a pattern-based approach, Web services will be able to disseminate information to another set of services without prior knowledge.

OASIS also announced the Web Services Resource Framework Technical Committee that will define royalty-free, interoperable and modular specifications that will standardize the relationship between a Web service and its state.

The two Notification committee will conform its specifications to the implied resource pattern established by the Resource Framework committee and use those specifications to determine the lifetime and properties of a Web service, OASIS said in a statement.

"The potential benefits common standard foundations such as WSRF and WSN present enterprise customers are considerable," said William Vambenepe of Hewlett-Packard Co. in a statement. Vambenepe is the proposed co-chair of the OASIS WSN Technical Committee, "Both can be applied to many domains, including management, smart devices and grid computing, ultimately helping enterprises better manage and optimize use of their existing resources."

"Web services implementations are usually stateless--the lifetime of a dynamic state does not exceed the processing of an individual message. Web service interfaces, on the other hand, often imply some form of stateful interaction with the clients of the service," explained David Snelling of Fujitsu, convener and proposed co-chair of the OASIS WSRF Technical Committee.

"WSRF, which will formalize this implied resource pattern, will include mechanisms to describe views on state, to support its management through associated properties, and to describe how these mechanisms are extensible to groups of Web services," Snelling said.


OASIS WSRF Technical Committee

OASIS WSN Technical Committee

OASIS: Stateful Web Services

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