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Open GIS working on geographic Web services

The Open GIS Consortium announced an initiative recently to develop Web services standards for geoprocessing services.

The Open GIS Consortium Inc. (OGC) announced an interoperability initiative to develop Web services standards that enable the discovery, access and use of geographic data and geoprocessing services.

The consortium is a non-profit trade association focused on developing geoprocessing interoperability computing standards. Members include government agencies, private companies and colleges and universities. Their goal is to create extensible software application programming interfaces for geographic information systems.

The goal of OGC Web services is to develop an interoperable framework for implementing these services in an enterprise where multivendor solutions are present.

Working groups are currently adding to existing and draft standards.

The development requirements include: a common architecture (enabling OpenGIS Web Services utilizing W3C's WSDL and SOAP standards); conformance and interoperability testing and evaluation (developing compliance tests); image handling and decision support tools; information interoperability; and location-based services.

Click here for more on the Open GIS Consortium.

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