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SOAP support added to Dralasoft Workflow 3.0

Dralasoft's business process management software now supports SOAP enabling it to invoke one of its components as a Web service.

Dralasoft Inc. a vendor of Java-based enterprise applications, released Workflow 3.0, an upgrade to its business process management software.

Among the improvements are a new SOAP interface that invokes its Workflow Engine as a Web service.

Workflow 3.0 enables business units or partners to integrate common workflow technology in production.

Workflow is made up of three modules: Dralasoft Workflow Engine, the runtime component; Dralasoft Studio, a drag-and-drop design interface for workflow development; and Dralasoft Workflow Manager, the application's reporting and analysis tool. The modules support Java, XML, LDAP, HTTP and JDBC.

Also new is a process for creating Web forms, an online interface that enables data entry. Prior to this version, forms had to be built outside the application then mapped to Workflow Engine. Now the form can be built in Workflow Studio and mapping is done automatically.

Workflow 3.0 also includes replication and clustering techniques adding to its scalability and allowing it to support more users than before.

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