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New OASIS TC tackles ebXML and SOA

The new Electronic Business Service Oriented Architecture Technical Committee will address SOA implementations based on ebXML.

OASIS announced today the formation of the Electronic Business Service Oriented Architecture Technical Committee.

The committee will use new ISO approved ebXML standards as a basis for describing an SOA and implementation techniques.

Duane Nickull of Adobe Systems is the proposed committee chair. He said the committee's work will touch every enterprise.

"A modern service-oriented architecture is core to enabling enterprises to efficiently integrate and distribute business processes across multiple systems with reliability and security," Nickull said in a statement. "The OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee will explore how various ebXML and Web service components work together as a cohesive system."

The ebSOA TC is made up of representatives from Adobe Systems, The Boeing Company, Booz Allen Hamilton, Commerce One, Cyclone Commerce, and others. OASIS said it will also host a mail list to gather public comment.

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