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Snapbridge releases XML server, IDE

Snapbridge Software released a pair of software products today that address XML integration and development.

Snapbridge Software announced the availability of its FDX XML Server, a platform for the deployment of XML-based real-time information integration and management applications. It also released Snapbridge XStudio Pro 2.0, and IDE for developing and managing XML schemas, XSLT stylesheets and scripts.

FDX Server allows enterprises to integrate and manage data in real time from multiple sources and includes a native XML database, pipelined XSLT server and high-speed cache. It is a standards based server and supports XML, XSLT, XPATH, SOAP, J2EE, .NET and SQL.

Enterprises will be able to aggregate and integrate data from sources like relational databases, flat files, Web services, mainframe data, digital images, streaming feeds and others.

The server costs $499 per CPU.

It is compatible with XStudio Pro 2.0, an environment for XML and XSLT development that creates, validates, converts and manages XML schemas, XML files and DTDs. It also creates and debugs XSLT stylesheets and manages scripts to choreograph XML, HTML and Web services integration and publication.


Click here to download FDX Server.

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