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Arjuna supports transactions on Systinet platform

Arjuna Technologies has added transaction support for Systinet's WASP platform.

Systinet, a Cambridge, Ma. vendor of integration software, announced a partnership with middleware vendor Arjuna Technologies of Newcastle in England. The deal centers around Arjuna's promise of standards-based transaction support for Systinet's WASP (Web applications and services) platform via Arjuna's XML Transaction Service.

The Arjuna infrastructure ensures application consistency and automated completion of transactions even if failures occur, the companies said today in a release, by eliminating manual reconciliation following a failure.

ArjunaXTS is fully standards compliant - the programming interfaces are based on the emerging Java API for XML Transactioning (JAXTX) and the architecture is based on the recently released WS-Composite Application Framework (WS-CAF).

ArjunaXTS is also tightly integrated with Arjuna's J2EE Transaction service enabling transactions to span Web services and legacy back-end systems.

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