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Vordel releases XML security products

Vordel releases two products, addressing XML security in messages and at the system perimeter.

Vordel Ltd of the UK announced released today its new XML security server and XML gateway product.

VordelDirector secures service-oriented architectures, enabling developers to build in security rules for the multiple tiers and domains of an SOA by centralizing management, Vordel said.

The software enforces security rules at the transactional level, inserting and validating security tokes inside XML messages. It also includes encryption, time-stamping and signing services.

VordelSecure, meanwhile, works at the perimeter to keep XML traffic safe. New features include reporting and management features.

Both releases support WS-Security, the specification recently approved by OASIS.

"While XML filtering security is clearly relevant, the architecture of an SOA enables and may require the ability to distribute the enforcement of identity-based rules," said Burton Group analyst Phil Schacter in a statement. "Such identity-based rules should leverage existing identity management infrastructure and federated identity mechanisms."

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