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New SOA framework builds apps on J2EE

Diamelle Technologies' new SOA Framework comes with pre-built services and tools to build new services.

Web services and Enterprise Java Beans solutions vendor Diamelle Technologies has released a set of pre-built services packaged as a Service-Oriented Framework it hopes developers will use to build enterprise applications on J2EE.

Diamelle's framework includes e-business, customer relationship management, content management and identity management services. It also includes tools to build new services.

Service-oriented architecture is a design principle that enables enterprise IT organizations to reuse existing code and integrate applications on heterogeneous platforms.

Diamelle's framework is J2EE based and pre-bundled and newly built services will be able to use the infrastructure found in a J2EE application server, including transaction management, scalability, load sharing, fail-over safety, clustering and security.

Among the services included are:

  • Foundation Suite, which includes infrastructure objects and components like metadata, category, relationship, ID generator, users, company, account and navigation;
  • E-business Suite, a solution for doing business online on J2EE-certified app servers. Among the features here are catalog, order, pricing, purchasing, inventory, shipping, and account management services;
  • Identity Management Suite, which includes single sign-on and management of user information, various identities and user groups, roles, access-levels and resources, entitlements and permissions in a common secure infrastructure with enterprise-wide authentication and security policies.
  • Customer Relationship Management Suite, that provides sales force automation, customer service, campaign management, quote and order management, document management, community tools, personalization, profiling and segmentation, behavior tracking, subscription management, customer survey, collaboration with forums and polling, and knowledgebase functions.
  • Content Management Suite, which permits you to design the content, logic, presentation and delivery of your ECM system and provide an integrated functionality for building and administering content.

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