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XML data exchange middleware talks to iSeries

ECube Systems' new XB/Suite 2004 is a middleware layer that connects iSeries applications to other applications regardless of platform.

ECube Systems announced the release of its XB/Suite 2004 XML data exchange product that automates how information moves from iSeries applications throughout an enterprise.

The middleware was developed by Invenso of Belguim and is distributed in the U.S. by eCube Systems.

Enterprises can use it to connect their iSeries applications and business logic to desktop, Web-based and external applications.

XB/Suite is made up of two products, an XB/400 data engine and modular solution builder. Enterprises can use it to create data-exchange applications that interact with the iSeries regardless of platform, and eliminating the need to master XML, the company said.

XB/Suite supports iSeries Platforms P5, P10, P20 P30, P40, P50 P60.

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