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Software SIFTs through XML, Web services data flows

Service Integrity's new XML Visibility Software digs into XML and Web services data flows.

Service Integrity of Newton, Mass. today announced the availability of its software that monitors XML and Web services data flows.

SIFT XML Visibility Software 2.0 monitors business processes and includes new security and auditing features that aid with regulatory compliance.

Service Integrity said its product also relates those data flows to an enterprise's business model putting data in a business context.

New features include an XML Dialect Factory that examines communications using standard XML dialects like ACORD, IFX, OTA, RETS and CDISC and Stream Sensor Technology that sits in line with the requests to and from an application server and pulls data from XML and SOAP data streams.

It is also standards based and supports XML, SOAP and WSDL and Web services standards like WS-Security, WS-Reliable Messaging and WS- Coordination. SIFT is supported on applications servers from Microsoft, IBM, BEA and JBOSS, as well as other J2EE-compliant servers.

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