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In-silicon RAX processor released

Tarari Inc.'s new RAX Content Processor is the first in-silicon implementation of Random Access XML.

Tarari Inc. of San Diego has today released its new RAX Content Processor, which includes an in-silicon implementation Random Access XML.

RAX allows XML document analysts 40 to 200 times faster than software.

Random Access XML enables network switch, server, blade, and appliance vendors to create a variety of new applications such as gigabit message classification and routing, high transaction rate publish and subscribe systems, advanced SOAP message processing, high performance XML security firewalls and real-time telecommunications billing solutions, the company said in a statement.

Previous XML processing solutions like DOM or SAX don't scale, Tarari said. RAX uses W3C standards-based XPath queries to decode and route XML documents. RAX simultaneously processes large groups of XPath queries at more than 100 million XPaths per second, offloading the process from the main processor.

Tarari is also proposing that RAX be accepted as an industry-standard.

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