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Support begins for WS-MessageDelivery spec

Vendors toss their weight behind the important WS-MessageDelivery specification, recently submitted to the W3C.

A spate of vendors this week announced support for WS-MessageDelivery, a specification recently submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that standardizes how Web services endpoints are referenced when more than one service is using a common message exchange pattern.

Arjuna Technologies Ltd., Enigmatec Corporation Ltd., Hitachi, Iona Technologies, Inc., Nokia Corporation, Oracle, SeeBeyond, Sonic Software and Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced their support on Monday.

WS-MessageDelivery aims to facilitate patterns outlined in Web Services Description Language (WSDL). W3C said an example of such a pattern occurs when a service sends a request to a second service, and rather than be idle, continues working until the service has processed the request.

This spec eliminates the need for proprietary messaging constructs that limited development and interoperability between vendors.

By using WSDL to reference endpoints, WS-Message Delivery reduces complexity developers encounter when implementing applications composed of Web services.

"The WS-MessageDelivery specification adds an important, fundamental piece to the open Web services architecture," said David Ingham, CTO at Arjuna Technologies, in a statement. "The availability of a royalty-free addressing standard is crucial as a foundation for higher-level Web services specifications and for the adoption of Web services in general."

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