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Reactivity busy with new plug-in, appliance, partnership

Web services security vendor Reactivity Inc. has been busy at this week's Gartner IT Security Summit with three announcements.

Web services security vendor Reactivity Inc. of Belmont, Calif., announced today at the Gartner IT Security Summit in Washington, D.C. the availability of its free Reactivity Gatekeeper server-side plug-in.

Gatekeeper installs on a Web or application server and verifies that SOAP or XML messages running through a Web service have been secured by the Reactivity XML Firewall and issued a valid SAML assertion. Gatekeeper can either return an error message or reroute it through the XML Firewall for inspection, depending on how it is configured.

Gatekeeper is interoperable with SAML Authorities from Netegrity, Oblix, RSA Security and Tivoli, as well as Web services management solutions from Actional, Amberpoint and others.

The Gatekeeper plug-in is free with the Reactivity XML Firewall and available for download for existing XML Firewall customers.

Earlier this week at the Gartner conference, Reactivity introduced the Reactivity Gateway-D desktop XML firewall appliance.

Gateway-D plugs into a development network and provides secure connectivity for Web services from heterogeneous platforms with no additional software or configuration needed.

Developers can create security policies using Gateway-D, then migrate them to XML Firewall as Web services move from development to deployment environments.

Administrative tools, including detailed audit and message logs, a log event viewer with drill-down details, SNMP event reporting and notification, policy validation and analysis and one-click policy rollback, provide developers with auditing and diagnosis capabilities to create and debug security and deployment policies.

Gateway-D supports HTTP at the transport layer, XML at the content layer, RPC requests and parameter passing at the function layer and a wide range of data layer validation standards including WS-Security 1.0 and SAML 1.0/1.1.

Those two announcements were proceeded by the announcement of a partnership between Reactivity and Netegrity Inc., and the availability of a joint product that combines Netegrity's access management software TransactionMinder and a Reactivity XML Firewall appliance.

The integrated product secures XML and SOAP messages from viruses and denial-of-service attacks.

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