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Actional upgrades SOA management platform

Actional 5.1 now monitors and reports on non-SOAP services.

Web services management vendor Actional Corp. has upgraded its service-oriented architecture management platform and has given it the capability to manage and report on interdependencies between non-SOAP services and SOAs.

Actional 5.1 is now capable of keeping an eye on dependencies between an SOA and databases, Web sites and non-XML legacy systems.

"What precipitated these added features was feedback from our customers who love how our Looking Glass Web services management provides visibility into the interdependencies between Web services," said Dan Foody, Actional CTO. "Customers love this functionality, but some said their SOAs aren't based just on Web services. They want the same level of visibility we give them with Web services with all of these services as well."

The new 5.1 products include Actional Active Agent for JDBC, Actional Active Agent for JSP and Servlets, and Actional Active Agent for ASPX.

These products return statistics on usage patterns for individual service consumers, rather than for each service.

Also, 5.1 includes new features that closely link IT and the business side of an enterprise. For example, Foody said, IT and business views are tied together so that business managers are given a look at average response time by geography, customer class or product line.

"It's always said that IT doesn't understand or act on behalf of the business," Foody said. "We think it's just a matter of IT not having the tools to do that."

Another new feature is the Actional MyServices Portal, giving administrators access to Looking Glass capabilities while giving business users more visibility into a service network and business impact analysis.

Finally, Actional 5.1 includes self-service administration that allows shared installations to appear as if each user has their own virtual Web services management software.

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