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FusionWare launches Web services platform

FusionWare's new integration server enables small and medium enterprises quickly build and deploy Web services.

FusionWare Corp. today launched its new FusionWare Integration Server, a Web services development and deployment platform.

The server cuts down the time it takes to build Web services and service-oriented applications for small and medium-size IT shops. It reduces TCO, helping companies integrate dissimilar systems and collaborate with partners and customers.

Developers can use the server to integrate legacy systems via its forms-based IDE with an XPath generator, query builders, an XSLT wizard and backend adaptors.

The server is made up of three components: The FusionWare Designer, which features an intuitive, forms based GUI interface, powerful code generators, wizards, query builders and built-in adapters, packaged in a Windows and XML based development environment; the FusionWare Server: A multi-threaded and portable server written in Java that executes Web services on all major platforms; and the FusionWare Administrator which monitors and manages the operation of the server and controls deployment of Web services.

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