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AmberPoint updates SOA management software

AmberPoint Inc. announced across-the-board updates to its SOA management offerings, and a new round of funding.

AmberPoint Inc. announced today it has updated its service-oriented architecture management software and included scalability and reliability upgrades to its Service Level Manager, Exception Manager and AmberPoint Management Foundation.

AmberPoint now is able to manage thousands of active SLAs, automatically discover services and display interdependencies across service-oriented systems, It also added a recoverable services management system, which enables managers to automatically rebuild critical management information in case of disk failure.

New scalability features include a baselining capability and data model optimization. Baselining allows users to set service levels based on averages and relative variances calculated by AmberPoint. Data model optimization are the methods for writing, reading and storing data are optimized for different data models.

AmberPoint also announced a new round of funding from existing investors totaling $8.2 million, bringing its funding total to $30.8 million. The vendor said it will use the money to grow its engineering, customer support, sales and marketing staffs.

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