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For BPM, event processing and predictive analytics could be the future


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The use of complex event processing (CEP) and predictive analytics may herald an imminent change in the way that business decisions are made.

If there’s one thing that just about every business in every industry wants today, it’s improved operational responsiveness.

To remain competitive, companies need constant access to the right information so their operations can react quickly to marketplace changes—and, where possible, begin to anticipate them as well.

To achieve those goals, many organizations are increasingly looking to two key disciplines: decision management and complex event processing (CEP). In ebizQ’s most recent survey of business and IT professionals, nearly two-thirds were already using decision management technology or considering doing so. A similar majority had already adopted, or had considered adopting, CEP.  

By far, the top driver fueling interest in both approaches: the need to improve operational efficiency.

This issue of ebizQ and’s Business Agility Insights offers a high-level look at how CEP, decision management and a third increasingly important discipline, predictive analytics, can help companies move toward real-time responsiveness to both opportunities and threats.

What’s been your experience with any of these approaches? The editors would love to hear your stories. Email me at

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