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Seven steps to develop an IT service catalog: Template for success


Consider product customization software

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Avoid attempting to create a single solution that tries to do everything for all possible users. The phrase jack of all trades, master of none applies here. Instead, think of product customization. If you set up a wiki or Sharepoint site for your consumer-focused documentation, and an Excel spreadsheet or EA tool for your analysis, this means some data will exist in both places. Your instincts may say that's a bad thing. It will be very tempting to say, "I don't want to maintain this information in multiple places, it will get out of sync." Will it? Not necessarily.

Organizations manage data replication problems every day. That being said, if you choose to use a single system of record, don't sacrifice your user experience to accomplish it. Make sure you have a way of presenting pertinent information to different users without cluttering up their experience. If you can't do this with a single system of record, you're better off utilizing product customization software of some kind and managing the necessary data replication to ensure that different users get the information they need in an effective way.

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