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Seven steps to develop an IT service catalog: Template for success


Keep the service catalog and technical documentation current

Source:  Ciaran Griffin/Thinkstock

Understand where the service catalog fits into IT processes, especially where updates will occur. The No. 1 risk of any catalog or repository is that the information goes stale. Many salespeople have told me that repository tools are tough sells, and the opportunities usually arise due to a fire alarm. Some event happens and because the organization lacks proper IT documentation, the event causes some kind of a problem. The CIO issues a mandate to get the service catalog together, the information is collected, the problem gets resolved and the fire is put out. The catalog goes onto the shelf and gathers dust until the next fire, when they have to repeat the whole cycle again because the catalog and IT documentation is now woefully out of date. Know where your software development lifecycle efforts will make changes to the catalog. Perform regular analysis of the portfolio and present updates to management so you have their backing in keeping technical documentation current.

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