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Six keys to building a dependable enterprise architecture strategy


Develop thorough IT project documentation

Source:  Jan Stafford/TechTarget

When a software, systems or services failure occurs, the provider's CEO, enterprise architect or department head must be able to tell customers why -- in detail. "In case of incidents, if you don't do this, you probably cannot save the company," said Mario Tokoro, founder of the Sony Computer Science Laboratory.

"Dependability and accountability are the two sides of a single coin," Tokoro added. "Why? Because we cannot guarantee 100% uptime, 100% dependability."

Defining boundaries and maintaining accurate IT documentation are crucial to establishing a clear assessment of a system's dependability and being able to explain failures. Think of boundaries in terms of limits of responsibility, Tokoro advised. Find the base evidence of the business case, document it and move forward from there. Without reasonable IT project documentation, determining which decisions lie behind the point of failure is difficult, if not impossible.

Mario Tokoro of Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc. discusses the importance of being able to tell customers why something goes wrong with a system.

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