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Six keys to building a dependable enterprise architecture strategy


Support innovation, utilize an enterprise architecture framework

Source:  Jan Stafford/TechTarget

Many businesses' processes are mired in the Industrial Age, said Robert Weisman, head management consultant at Build The Vision Inc. Rather than empowering workers with information, they're keeping information in silos, largely because leaders don't want to let go of top-down hierarchies.

Industrial Age workers were poorly educated and were considered cogs in the machine and forced into repeatable tasks and conformity. Today's workers are highly educated, network well and were raised to show initiative. Don't force conformity on them, Weisman advised. Instead, open the flow of information to them and let them innovate.

"The key to success is leveraging information and developing corporate reflexes," Weisman said. "Make better use of human brains."

Invest in hiring analysts who can leverage new data sources with automated business analytics tools, Weisman said. Also, use a flexible enterprise architecture framework, like the TOGAF architecture cycle platform to support continuous innovation.

Robert Weisman of Build The Vision Inc. discusses the importance of letting go of dated methods.

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