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Is your income on par with the average IT salary?

Source:  TechTarget

Ever wonder if your pay is comparable with the people cranking out similar work at the competition? If your base salary hovers around $110,000, you aren't doing too badly.

The average IT salary reported, not including bonuses, was $113,040. The highest salary was $250,000, with the pay scale diving to $28,000 for the lowest paid workers. Things look even rosier when the total compensation (salary and bonuses) is taken in to account. The minimum remained at $28,000, but it maxed out at $450,000. The average reported compensation package held strong at $126,306. Overall, this marks an upward movement for those working in application development and design. Last year, the average IT salary was $110,142.

When compared to 2013, 61% of respondents reported experiencing a positive gain in overall compensation and benefits. A large group, 52%, indicated they received a raise, while 36% of respondents received a bonus. These numbers are practically the same for raises and bonuses, 55% and 35% respectively, last year.

While a sizeable number of respondents indicated they received a raise within the past year, the amount wasn't out of the ordinary. The average respondent indicated a 4.5% raise in base salary, with the lowest reporting a meager 1% increase and the highest at a whopping 30%. This marked a slight decreased from 2013, where an average 5.8% raise was reported. Bonus size also varied significantly with the average amount being $20,699. This is on par with 2013 as well, where the average reported bonus was $21,050. The lowest reported bonus was just $16 with the highest reaching $170,000.

Nearly half of respondents expect to gain in total compensation next year. Forty-four percent of respondents anticipate a raise and 21% expect a bonus. For the most part, the expected increase isn't far off from what was reported this year. The average anticipated salary raise sits at 3.9%, with 1% on the low end and 20% at the high side.

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