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IT department budget and staffing stand strong

Source:  TechTarget

Money and staffing woes don't seem to plague IT departments. Only 15% of respondents indicated their IT department budget would be smaller than last year. The average reported IT department budget decrease dipped by 8%. On the other hand, twice as many respondents, or 30%, said they were working with budgets larger than in 2013. In fact, the average budget increase was nearly 12%.

Staffing size appears to be remaining steady, with 45% indicating their IT department headcount stayed the same from last year, 28% indicated an upward swing and 20% noted a decline. For those who reported a growing department, the average increase was by nearly 15%, whereas the average reduction was 8%. Furthermore, one-third of respondents indicated their organization was looking to make new hires and 26% said they were already fully staffed.

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Have there been changes in budget or staffing levels at your organization?
Yes, there have been changes - we change budgets more often than we change staff, since we usually want to grow as much as possible before adding new workers. The only exception to this is work that takes a long time to get going, such as content marketing, since it's best to start on those as early as possible.

Not all increases in revenue go towards the budget, though - we try to give regular raises, too.
Glad to hear raises are taken into account, jamesz243! 
Our budget has grown, and IT full-time staffing has remained steady or slightly lower due to attrition, while outsourced staffing has grown.

That is not necessarily a good thing, however, because we have been stretched extremely thin for several years and we don't have the capacity to take on the numerous projects and initiatives that the company would like to do.