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7 IT service catalog best practices

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Want to be a superstar at your organization? Develop an IT service catalog that can actually be of use. When IT service catalog best practices are followed, information on prices and processes, for example, are easy to access. Done incorrectly, an IT service catalog can be a disorganized mess of no use.

Don't know where to begin? In this photostory, enterprise architect Todd Biske outlined seven IT service catalog best practices for technology pros. Some helpful tidbits include ensuring you know your audience and focusing on customization, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Which IT service catalog best practices have you found most helpful?
With our IT service catalog, we have found that by maintaining an updated and precise set of catalog protocols listed and in place greatly reduces dis-organzation that renders the IT service catalog to a cumbersome and inefficient mess. It is also important we understand our customer base and modify the service catalog to their needs and habits thereby creating a more efficient and welcomed user interface for the consumer base we cater to.
You bring up a good point, carol482. I think it's a very important step, yet often overlooked, that organizations modify/update their service catalog.