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Why SOA architecture and API management go together

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Is API management necessary in SOA architecture? That is the question enterprise architect Todd Biske tackled in an Ask the Expert column. According to Biske, like many things in the technology world, this is a case of the same practices and techniques being used under the guise of a different name.

In the early days of SOA architecture, governance was all the rage from vendors. Now, Biske said the hot button is on API management. Regardless of the term, Biske says it all boils down to the same thing -- filling the need for service-based and consumer-oriented thinking.

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Do you think SOA architecture and API management go together?
In our experience we have found that using the SOA architecture and the API management services don't necessarily go together. We find them to be almost redundant for our needs and a bit confusing when fusing them together. Our experience has shown us it is better for our business to go with the SOA architecture without adding the API management.
That is very interesting, carol482. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience.
When i think of SOA and APIs I think of a venn diagram with two concentric circles.  One represents SOA and the other APIS.  I believe its true that many APIs could benefit from service oriented architecture, and perhaps allow people to monetize part of their services at that level.

However, I also do not believe that all APIs should be SOA.  (And there will be some SOAs that don't expose APIs for varying reasons.)
Veretax, I like your example of a venn diagram - very helpful!