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Your favorite enterprise IT architecture stories of 2014


Engineer shows off common graph database examples

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Facebook graph searches helped bring the technology into the limelight; however, many other graph dataset examples are out there. From geo-routing to insurance risk analysis, a number of markets are putting the graph search databases to good use. 

At Big Data Techcon 2014 in Boston, Neo Technology Inc. software field engineer Max De Marzi explained how and why developers should consider building their own graph searches. Using the technology is so easy that De Marzi was able to create a Facebook graph search in a week. In this Q&A, the software engineer discusses the development process and provides enterprise graph database examples.

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Have you been using a graph database?
We use it, but sparingly. We do follow the technological advancements of NoSQL.

Government agencies use them to create in-depth profiles on Internet users. They are a free-acting infrastructure, operating with NoSQL technology. NoSQL appears inferior to traditional SQL in today's age, but it is quickly advancing and may overtake relation database management systems (RDBMS) in the near future.

Illicit actors are trying to learn this new technology and will find exploits at times.
Thanks Steph, you highlight another excellent graph database use case.