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Fundamentals of SOA cloud architecture

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SOA and the cloud shouldn't be thought of as oil and water; rather, the marriage of the technologies can equate to better agility and cost savings. The catch is that business leaders and IT teams have to be on the same page as to what exactly SOA cloud architecture is and how to best utilize it to meet an organization's goals.

In this FAQ, the basics of SOA cloud architecture are broken down in simple terms so even those with mere elementary knowledge of the technology can be clued in.

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How well-versed are you with SOA cloud architecture?
My business has just begun the process of researching and investing the Service-Oriented Architecture. So far we do not consider ourselves "well versed" but are in the process of becoming very familiar with this service as it looks like something that will be a great benefit to ourselves and our customers. Because the SOA can operate both in the cloud architecture and outside of it, with hardware based storage, it is an appealing technology.
Yes, the fact that SOA can be implemented in and out of the cloud is definitely a perk, Carol. Has your research revealed anything else?
Is there a reason you've gone back to calling it SOA instead of the more modern naming - "microservices" and 12-factor apps (http://12factor.net/)?
Hi Brian,

Good point. One expert I spoke to recently told me that microservices is the same as SOA, yet different. Sounds like the there are perhaps slight differences between the two techniques.