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API best practices for developing agile, cloud-ready applications

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When an enterprise architect is tasked with designing an API, he or she may go down several different paths. Some may gravitate toward using SOAP, while others may choose REST. Although either interface model can be effective, an API best practice would be to consider all options.

In this tip, expert Tom Nolle urges developers to apply API best practices to design applications that are ready for use in the cloud age. For example, Nolle recommends focusing on data elements as self-defining, rather than thinking solely of customer parameters.

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What are some of the most valuable API best practices you've learned?
Frame-work style coding is one of the best API practices that can be applied.  I think frame-work styling coding is best for storage and reuse. It makes sense to use this style if you are teaching a course amongst younger coders or you just want to develop it for different projects. I think it also makes sense to use value mapping in order to store data. Mobile based projects can be tied to storage.
Thanks, tyler59. I am not familiar with frame-work style coding. I will have to take a look into it!
I would consider how wide spread sharing the API might be, have a plan for handling authentication and authorization (or in some cases registration and activation), to be able to better handle the many potential users of an API, and I would also early on try to have a good way of publishing the API, promoting coming changes to the API, and have a way to handle maintenance releases in a way that allows 3rd Party Vendors to be able to continue to leverage 'older ways' of doing things, while providing progressively better API features.
Thanks for offering some solid advice, Veretax!