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Your favorite enterprise IT architecture stories of 2014


Experts dish on API trends

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API trends have come into the spotlight because the technology is another avenue for organizations to save -- and make -- money. Along with the rise of Internet and mobile applications, and it's easy to see why the technology is of growing interest.  In an expert Q&A, professionals shed light on what they think the latest API trends will be.

Enterprise Management Associates Vice President Shawn Rogers, for example, said he sees APIs as a way to increase IT's agility and flexibility. SnapLogic's Director of Product Marketing Maneesh Joshi, on the other hand, sees API trends leaning toward development that is both lightweight and well-designed.

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What API trends excite you the most?
Machine-to-machine, mobile and cloud API technologies have impacted my business life powerfully. Cloud-based assignments axiomatically take advantage of advanced hardware capabilities, making it far easier and effective to benefit from the ready sharing of information. I am positive that cloud and mobile technologies are just now beginning to affect the energetic development of new, more powerful software apps. And of course, they are having those same effects on the development of all application program interfaces too. 
With M2M communications still in its infancy, it will definitely be interesting to see how it will continue to change development.