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Expert Podcast: BPM and Architecture - talks with Aleks Buterman, SenseAgility LLC Editor in Chief Jack Vaughan discusses Business Process Management (BPM) with Aleks Buterman. Editor in Chief Jack Vaughan discusses Business Process Management (BPM) with Aleks Buterman. The topic is discussed in the context of SOA and Enterprise Architecture (EA). The podcast covers: The sometimes disconnect between Enterprise Architects and Business Architects; Risk Analysis in relation to BPM; the right ways to begin a dialog between BPM and SOA - between the business side and the IT or development sides; and, ways to a happy marriage of SOA and BPM.

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When teams meet to consider BPM initiatives, there is usually some turf marking and proud departmental posturing that occurs before a real dialog is engaged. Some ask how they can cut down on the overhead and cut to chase.

Guest Aleks Buterman shares his expertise, telling you how aligning the right architecture profiles can help bring consensus. Aleks Buterman is the founding partner of SenseAgility, LLC, with career experience in technical, management & senior leadership positions in Financial Services & Insurance, Health Sciences, and Legal Services verticals. He is a thought leader in this space, presenting at events such as Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit, and IBM Impact.

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