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Gartner BPM Summit: Transform processes to drive business benefits

Editorial Director Scot Petersen speaks with Site Editor Anne Stuart about business process trends and highlights from the 2013 Gartner BPM Summit.

Conflict is just one of many barriers that can delay or derail any BPM initiative

Change was in the air at the recent Gartner BPM Summit in National Harbor, Md., right from the start. "By definition, you're all about creating change," Gartner Vice President Tina Nunno told several hundred business process professionals in her opening keynote on avoiding BPM project pitfalls. "It's why you're here; it's what you do, day in and day out," Nunno said, adding a warning: “When you create change, you create conflict."

Conflict is just one of many barriers that can delay or derail any BPM initiative, SearchSOA contributing editor Anne Stuart tells Editorial Director Scot Petersen in this podcast. Nunno pointed out that "the best BPM project is absolutely useless if you can't move it forward," Stuart says.

In their conversation about BPM Summit highlights, Stuart and Petersen discuss a wide range of other process management trends and insights, including change management, mobile BPM and the approach's evolution beyond simple process automation to an effective tool for delivering a better customer experience, both internally and externally. 


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