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Managing a legacy app: Keys to successful application modernization

In this podcast, independent technology consultant Joe McKendrick discusses how to deal with a legacy app in the ever-changing IT landscape.

Not long ago, application modernization focused on updating legacy mainframe software. Nowadays, Web-based applications that are only a year old can be considered outdated. This shift is occurring in part to social, mobile and cloud technologies.

Joe McKendrickJoe McKendrick

With the faster technology cycle, enterprise architects and their respective organizations need to take a serious look at how they deal with a legacy app. In fact, independent consultant Joe McKendrick said it's always a good time to review an application portfolio and assess legacy migration needs.

"Things are changing so fast, and so rapidly, and there are so many new features and demands on IT systems and applications, that you always need to be looking at what you have, looking at your portfolio, looking at your various assets," McKendrick said.

Once it has been determined that a legacy app needs to be modernized, here are some steps that should be followed:

  • Get the business involved
  • Determine how users are accessing an application
  • Find out what kind of data users are seeking

It's also important for an IT team not to overlook the power of Business Process Management (BPM) when dealing with a legacy app and modernization project. "You need to have processes in place and they need to be supported by the underlying IT or the underlying application," McKendrick said. "BPM is really an important piece of this process because you are dealing with so many layers of information."

Listen to the podcast for more on learning how to manage a legacy app in the ever-changing IT landscape. Learn about the following:

  • Key signs it's time to start an application modernization project
  • Important steps in planning legacy migration
  • Where BPM fits into application modernization
  • Common mistakes architects make when working with a legacy app

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