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Messaging middleware with Apache projects

In a podcast interview, Rob Davies - CTO of FuseSource and coauthor of the book "ActiveMQ in Action"- discusses messaging middleware and the hurdles that beginners face as they approach the subject.

In this podcast, Rob Davies - CTO of FuseSource and coauthor of the book ActiveMQ in Action - discusses messaging middleware and the hurdles that many developers face as they first approach the subject. Visit the SearchSOA Podcast Library for more expert commentary.

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This is an exciting time for Rob Davies. FuseSource was just launched as an independant company. At the same time, the book he's co-authored is scheduled for release in December. Right now, Davies is a very busy man. But he did make time to talk with us about his book, about messaging middleware, and about FuseSource's work with Apache projects as they move into greater independence as a company.

Messaging can be quite complex, especially because it covers such a wide range of use cases. Davies says that what he's seen with ActiveMQ is that when beginners first look at all the different things that messaging can do they often find it daunting. He compares it to a big Swiss Army Knife that has so many tools it's often difficult to pick the right one.

For example, the basic constructs for messaging can be broken down into using queues, or using send/subscribe. One might focus on high availability, and Davies says there are multiple ways to go about providing that as well. Then there are also tools for routing messages to multiple locations, geographically – some messages may go to London while others go to New York. According to Davies, once you get out of the initial use case of connecting applications, messaging gets quite complicated quite quickly.

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