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Modeling languages: UML 2.5 revision to simplify life for developers

Changes are underway in the world of modeling languages. OMG's CEO Richard Soley discussed the latest UML 2.5 revision.

There is going to be a change in the world of modeling languages. By this year's end, a new 2.5 universal modeling language (UML) revision, the latest version of the object-oriented notation system, will be delivered. The 2.5 revision will simplify the standard for users and implementers. Notably, there won't be any new compliance levels or language changes, according to Dr. Richard Soley, CEO of the Object Management Group based in Needham, Mass.

Richard SoleyRichard Soley

"Developers should be happy and relaxed about the 2.5 specification," Soley said, who explained that there isn't anything new to learn for the average user.

UML dates back to the 1990s and has evolved significantly since then. The modeling language was developed at Rational Software, and OMG adopted UML in 1997 and has managed it since.

Soley, who was a founding member of OMG in 1989 and became CEO in 1996, is no stranger to modeling languages. The steward led the development of OMG's standardization process and the original CORBA specification. While there are several modeling languages out there, UML has served as the foundation for many of its predecessors, such as SysML and SoaML.

UML's offerings are vast because many modeling language tools are needed to allow developers to build what they need, said Soley, who likened the importance of having numerous languages at one's disposal to having an adequately equipped tool box.

"I like to have a tool box with a lot of tools, but honestly that doesn't mean I use all of the tools all of the time," Soley said. "I like to use the right tool for the right purpose."

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