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Podcast: Getting smart about 'SOA for Dummies'

In this podcast, "Service Oriented Architecture for Dummies" co-author Judith Hurwitz discusses the need for SOA, what functionality is critical to SOA and how the SOA lifecycle diverges from the traditional application lifecycle.

Judith Hurwitz, President and CEO of consulting firm Hurwitz & Associates, talks about some of the key sections inside "Service Oriented Architecture for Dummies", a book she recently co-authored.

Here is the 'SOA for Dummies' podcast.

During the podcast Hurwitz discusses:

  • How app dev shops slipped into the stovepipe mentality in the first place
  • Why SOA is crucial for "the very survival of a business"
  • How to administer SOA
  • What functionality is critical to SOA
  • What's fundamentally different about the service lifecycle
  • Why your company isn't so unique that it can afford to forgo SOA
  • Why SOA needs to be more than just an IT initiative
  • What's the easiest thing to get wrong with SOA
  • The difference between Web services and SOA

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