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Podcast: No longer a toy - Dr. Harding on SOA

Where is SOA at today? The Open Group's Dr. Chris Harding says we have moved past the stage where SOA is a toy. This podcast illuminates key trends that include SOA governance and vertical SOAs.

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As 2008 came to a close,'s Jack Vaughan spoke with Dr. Chris Harding of The Open Group, about trends in SOA for a podcast recording. Harding is spearheading SOA content efforts of The Open Group, much of it conveyed in an essential work in progress. [See links below.]

Dr. Chris Harding

What are some of those trends? We have reached a new stage, says Harding. "People are doing things with SOA." Because of this, it is fair to say, SOA is no longer a toy. There is less excitement with SOA, says Harding. But this is because the real work is engaged.

Governance is important, says Harding. When you put SOA into practice without the right governance framework in place, you are not likely to succeed, he indicates.

A new recent undertaking within The Open Group is an attempt to promote "SOA verticals." The intent may be characterized as one to provide templates or models in which enterprises may be able to cooperate. Check out the audio podcast.

Dr. Chris Harding is Forum Director for SOA and Semantic Interoperability at The Open Group. He has been with The Open Group for ten years and is currently responsible for managing and supporting its work on semantic interoperability and SOA.

Before joining The Open Group, he was a consultant, and a designer and development manager of communications software. With a PhD in mathematical logic, he welcomes the current upsurge of interest in semantic technology, and the opportunity to apply logical theory to practical use.

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