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Podcast: SOA and Web 2.0 – why composite apps matter

The common thread between SOA and Web 2.0 is composite applications. This podcast investigates the realities and best practices of composite app assembly.

A commonly heard phrase in SOA development is "assemble, don't build." Yet how easy is it to assemble a composite Web service, drawing on multiple data sources? Nexaweb Technologies Inc. COO David McFarlane discusses best practices for building service-oriented composite applications.

SOA and Web 2.0 - why composite apps matter podcast.

Among the topics covered in this podcast are:

  • How to align front end technologies like Ajax with back end data
  • What level of complexity can be tackled with composite applications
  • Why composite assembly aligns with service orientation
  • The marriage of composite assembly with event-driven and real-time services
  • The need for proper data management to enable enterprise-grade mashups
  • When to using scripting languages and when a more object-oriented approach makes sense
  • The role of standards in composite application development

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