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Podcast: The essentials of SOA governance

In this podcast, noted SOA expert David Linthicum discusses why SOA governance is critical and the technology that enables it.

SOA expert David Linthicum recently sat down to speak with about the nuts and bolts of SOA governance. While the term "governance" gets tossed around somewhat freely in service-oriented architecture circles, it is important to remember it has a foundation in technology. Linthicum describes what governance should do and what tools can enable it.

Here is the The essentials of SOA governance podcast.

Among the topics discussed in the podcast are:

  • The role of a registry/repository in establishing SOA governance
  • The challenges created by heterogeneous installments and why some SOA registries may be promising more than they can deliver in terms of managing something that broad
  • Asset tracking
  • Web services management
  • The business drivers behind governance

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